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Justice for all : the case for and against racially based jury-nullification

Published 1996

The program offers various positions that are being put forth in regard to jury nullification. Paul Butler, associate professor of law at George Washington University, has written 'There is an increasing perception that some African American jurors vote to acquit Black defendants for racial reasons, sometimes explained as the juror's desire not to send another Black man to jail. There is considerable disagreement over whether it is appropriate for a Black juror to do so. I now believe that for pragmatic and political reasons, the Black community is better off when some non-violent lawbreakers remain in the community rather than go to prison.' The guests include Anthony Griffin, African American Texas NAACP counsel| Loretta Ross, former national program director for the Center for Democratic Renewal.

The preservation of these tapes was funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and by listeners of Pacifica Radio in 2010. Preservation services provided by George Blood Audio and Video.

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